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Spotz Gelato Application

Thanks for your interest in a job at Spotz! 

(We prefer to hire at 16 and up, and employ both teens and adults.  We will occasionally hire exceptional 15 year olds.  If you are under 15 now, we encourage you to apply once you have turned 15.)

Here are some requirements we have for our staff.  If you think you are a good fit, please apply below!
  • Must be able to work at least 2 weekend shifts per week (Friday night through Sunday night)

  • Must be friendly, outgoing, and positive

  • Must be able to effectively receive and respond to communications sent by office

  • Must be willing to work alone during less busy shifts

  • Must request necessary time off in advance

  • Must take initiative to find own coverage following our coverage steps for scheduled shifts for any given reason, like coming down with sudden illness or needing the day off for an unexpected activity

  • Must be willing to effectively communicate with co-workers and management via our scheduling app

  • Must be willing to work mobile truck events located near your store location during truck season

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