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"It was so easy to work with you and I never had to worry about anything. Thank you so much! " - Kate
"Our guests couldn't tell me enough good things about the gelato. Definitely a hit!
You guys helped us throw the party of the century." - Jessica
"You guys were such a treat to have, everything was delicious and it the perfect way
to end the evening."  -Kate

"I will definitely recommend you guys!"  -Paige

"Well, let me tell you, you guys were one of the hits for the night!!  Everyone talked about how good it was, and, more importantly, how friendly and kind you were!!" -Donna

"The members are definitely raving fans!" -Ashley

"We are beyond pleased!!" -Mark

"It was absolutely fabulous!" -Karen

"Spotz Gelato was a big hit at the party." -Jolinda

"You guys are great, perfect service, excellent gelato and the cutest camper I've ever seen." -Bridgette

"We all enjoyed the Gelato.  It was very tasty!" -Cindy

"Thank you... I am so glad I did it for them.  I believe everyone loved it!!" -Bridget

"Everyone LOVED the gelato :)" -Becca

"The guests raved about your gelato.  We will definitely be repeat customers. 
You have a wonderful company."  -Shelby

"If you want something special/different for dessert, give Spotz a try!  Enjoy!" -Lisa

"We love you and loved having you at our wedding.  Spotz was definitely a hit." -Jess

"We are beyond pleased!! Everyone was impressed with your gelato." -Michael

"Guests keep talking about how cool and different it was!" -Karissa

"It was absolutely fabulous!  Everyone was really pleased and happily satisfied." -Karen

"Our family and friends loved it and so did we!  I will definitely recommend you guys!!" - Paige

"The gelato was a hit with our guests and I appreciate everything so much!" - Sandy

"Book this service right now!!! No one was disappointed, delicious gelato
and worth every penny." -Jim

"Our guests are still talking about it." - Danielle

"It was a huge hit!" - Jill

"I'm still hearing how all our guests loved the gelato!" - Sarah

"Absolutely AMAZING experience having Spotz Gelato at our wedding?  Truly a Blessing." -Jessica
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