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T H E   S P O T Z   T R U C K S



O T H E R  M O B I L E  U N I T S

Spotz Gelato Sorbet Kentucky Proud vintage trailer food truck Lexington wedding weddings catering events festivals parties
Spotz Gelato Wedding photo by Willie Wilson Photography
Spotz Gelato Truck photo by Kevin and Anna Photography

Lots of folks ask about the Spotz Trucks.  “Humpback Hazel” started her life as a 1969 Bonanza Travel Trailer in Western Kentucky. By the time she came to us, she was on her way to the scrap yard and was not much more than a shell. With lots of love and attention, she now has a new life as the cutest little gelato truck around. Click here for Before and After pictures.


Our second full size truck is "Disco Dottie". She was previously a 1972 Midas Smoky Trailer and has been newly outfitted as a very cute, but super efficient gelato truck.  Another vintage trailer repurposed in a fun way!

Our third trailer is a bit smaller than the others and is a charming 1962 Shasta complete with wings.  Tiny "Little Libby" is used mostly for weddings and other more intimate events.

Our newest pride and joy is an adorable 1965 Trotwood named "Tammy the Trailer."  She is currently undergoing her transformation and will soon be part of the Spotz fleet.  

In addition to all of our trucks, Spotz also has other mobile equipment that's perfect for any occasion, indoors or out.  You can choose from the Spotz Bicycle, Spotz Wagon or our darling indoor MiniBars.  Spotz is perfect for any location!

We can bring the fun to you!  The Spotz Trucks are available for hire for private events, such as weddings, birthdays, corporate functions and parties.  If a Truck won't fit in at your event, you can hire a Spotz Bike, Wagon or Mini-Bar that work indoors or out.  Enter your info below to get pricing and info.

The Spotz Trucks log many miles a year traveling to festivals and events all over Kentucky and points beyond.  They also show up at weddings, birthday parties and other private events.  Fill out the form below to get a personalized quote for your event!

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