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Did you know that weddings are becoming increasingly more modern? The look and feel of your big day requires so many decisions, and one of them that we feel is very important is your wedding day dessert! Many are opting for an alternative to traditional cake and plated food! So, why should you choose an alternative dessert, like a dessert food truck, for your wedding?
  1. The sheer sight of a food truck gives the festival vibe. You and your guests will enjoy the fun party feel of a food truck being on site.
  2. Having a dessert food truck setup during your event allows your guests to serve themselves a dessert whenever they feel like having a sweet treat. Dessert before dinner is alway approved in our eyes, dessert after dinner is a must, and dessert as a late night snack is just the way to end an evening full of joy!
  3. Providing guests variety is a welcoming and considerate gesture. By serving dessert, like gelato, from a dessert food truck, your guests can likely choose a multitude of flavors all throughout the night!
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With so many decisions to be made for planning for your big day, let one decision be an easy one. Hosting a dessert food truck, like Spotz Gelato, will be a sure way to give a modern and fun vibe during one of the most exciting nights of your life!
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