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The Number One Cake Alternative

for your Wedding

Many modern couples are bored with traditional wedding cakes and are opting for  more unique desserts for their big day. From s’mores to cake pops, there are many different options but only one alternative that guests of all ages love: gelato! More decadent than ice cream, this traditional Italian treat comes in many different flavors. Your guests will keep coming back for seconds and thirds for more of this creamy, rich dessert!
When offering gelato for your wedding, consider a food truck for a more budget-friendly option than traditional catering. The walk-up service is a great option for laid-back parties to create a whimsical, hip, festival-style reception. Plus, a handheld dessert allows your guests to sneak away from the dance floor to grab a snack without having to stop the party!
When searching for the perfect gelato supplier for your wedding, look no further than Spotz Gelato for a unique dessert experience. Our spotted food trucks are a beautiful and fun backdrop for photos, and we offer more than a 50 different flavors to choose from for your special day. Spotz Gelato’s decadent Kentucky Proud gelato is a perfect dessert that will ensure a sweet ending to your reception!
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