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Three Reasons to Have

Gelato or Ice Cream

at your Wedding

Food trucks are traditionally a popular attraction at street festivals, open markets and concerts, but they have recently become a memorable part of modern wedding receptions, too. Food trucks are not limited to the main course, but can also be used as a late-night snack for your guests!
Below are three reasons to have a sweet treat such as ice cream or gelato for your guests.
1.   Simplicity. Offering a handheld dessert allows them to sneak away from the dance floor to grab a snack from the food truck without having to stop the party!
2.   Novelty. Food trucks encourage a fun ambiance to your wedding that encourages laughter, smiles, and they even make a great backdrop for photos.
3.   Atmosphere. The walk-up service is a great option for laid-back parties to create a whimsical, hip, festival-style reception.
As you can see, ice cream or gelato is the perfect sweet snack that guests of all ages will enjoy. To treat your guests, consider choosing a fun dessert food truck like Spotz Gelato. Spotz’s decadent Kentucky Proud gelato is a perfect dessert that will ensure a sweet ending to your reception!
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