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Checklist for Hiring Food Trucks

for your Wedding

Although food trucks are usually the main attraction at street festivals, open markets and concerts, they have recently become a memorable part of modern wedding receptions, too. They eliminate the daunting task of where, how, and what you will serve your guests, and the cuisine possibilities are endless!
When planning a wedding reception with food trucks, there are a couple of important details to be considered. To ensure proper and timely service, you should book one food truck per 75 guests. This guideline allows for maximum efficiency when it comes to serving guests hot, fresh food, and it keeps your guest’s wait times to a minimum. More than one food truck also means options to please even the pickiest of palates!
Make sure that you meet with both your venue coordinator and your food truck contact beforehand to make sure that everyone’s needs are met. There are four important questions to ask potential food trucks to ensure there are no faux pas on your special day:
·       Does your food truck require an electric hook up, or can you provide your own generator? How many amps of electric do you need? Are there any extra costs for running your own generator?
·       How much space does your food truck need to set up and serve X-number of people?
·       How early will you need to arrive to be ready to serve at the specified time?
·       What is included in your meal service? Do I need to purchase plates/cutlery or will you provide them?
In addition, crucial details to work out with your venue include:
·       Do you have electric access close to my chosen food location? Is the amount of electric enough to power the food trucks?
·       Will my reception floor plan allow the trucks easy access to their set up location? (A quick entry and departure is key, so that you and your guests can continue the party after dinner.)
·       Do outside vendors need any special permit/license to serve at this venue?
            Once you have asked the right questions, your big day will run smoothly and efficiently. Now you can enjoy the fun and novel atmosphere that food trucks will bring to your wedding!
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