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How to add Gelato or Ice Cream

to your Wedding

Studies show that many modern couples are ditching their parent’s wedding traditions and opting for a more hip vibe. From doing a “First Look” to choosing to forgo the classic garter toss, couples are looking at fresh, new traditions to incorporate into their special day, and deciding which ones to leave behind. One of these modern trends is opting for ice cream or gelato for the dessert rather than a traditional wedding cake.
To incorporate ice cream or gelato at your wedding, a food truck is a unique, fun way to treat your guests. When comparing costs, food trucks come out much more budget-friendly over traditional catering, allowing you to save valuable funds for other expenses without sacrificing on quality or portions. Most importantly, the sheer spectacle of seeing food trucks at your reception creates a memorable night that you and your wedding guests won’t soon forget!
Ice cream or gelato is the perfect late-night snack that guests of all ages will enjoy. This allows them to sneak away from the dance floor to grab a snack from the food truck without having to stop the party! Plus, the walk-up service is a great option for laid-back parties to create a whimsical, hip, festival-style reception.
Bride at Spotz Trailer.jpg
To treat your guests with a sweet snack, consider choosing a fun dessert truck like Spotz Gelato. Spotz’s decadent Kentucky Proud gelato is a perfect dessert that will ensure a sweet ending to your special day!
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