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How to Incorporate Food Trucks

at your Wedding

There are so many innovative ways to utilize food trucks for your wedding reception, the possibilities are endless! They can be suited to fit the ambiance of your wedding, such as using picnic tables for seating and whimsical décor such as strung lights. For a more traditional reception, food truck meals may be served as a seated meal with elegant china and crystal. Either way, food trucks will enhance the festive atmosphere and your guests will rave about the unique dining experience for years to come!
Whether indoors or outdoors, food trucks can be used for the main course. The walk-up service is a great option for laid-back parties to create a whimsical, hip, festival-style reception. Even as a sit-down meal, food trucks can be very budget-friendly compared to traditional catering.
Food trucks are not limited to the main course, but can also be used as a late-night snack for your guests. This allows them to sneak away from the dance floor to grab a snack from the truck without having to stop the party! To treat your guests with a sweet snack, consider choosing a fun dessert truck like Spotz Gelato. Spotz’s decadent Kentucky Proud gelato is a perfect dessert that will ensure a sweet ending to your reception!
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