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There are endless possibilities for making your wedding a unique experience. Choosing a less traditional approach is becoming more and more popular for brides and grooms. One possibility is serving an alternative to cake for your dessert option. There are many different alternatives to have at your wedding. Some ideas are:
  1. Ice cream or gelato - this tasty treat is always a favorite and such a unique dessert option that appeals to all ages. Not only are you given a multitude of flavor choices, each appealing to a different palate, but making a fun topping bar available is just one more way guests (and the bride and groom!) can customize their dessert!
  2. Cake pops - serving the smaller, unplated version of cake has become a fun way to incorporate cake, yet with a more modern feel.
  3. Donuts - some couples are taking a common early morning breakfast item and turning it into a delicious evening dessert. The fun circle shaped treat makes for a unique looking dessert station for sure.
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While all of these options are something different to serve, some are more costly than others or may require more upfront planning and prep on your part. Serving from a food truck like Spotz Gelato is an easy way to please guests, have a unique dessert alternative, and is budget-friendly. Gelato is a sweet treat that will leave you and your guests feeling delightful all through the night.
Are you a bride or groom planning your big day? Get in touch with us at Spotz for a personalized quote! We are currently booking spring, summer, and even fall weddings for next year.
Spotz has many different serving vehicles to appeal to all wedding types. Our pink Spotz Trucks are our largest vehicles which you can also spot at festivals and other outside events, but we also have the Spotz Minibar, Spotz Bike, and Spotz Wagon that can be situated both outside and inside depending on your venue and preference. We would love to be part of your big day!
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