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Tired of one-size-fits all catering? Ready to provide your wedding guests with a new, more modern feel? Many couples have opted for hosting food trucks as a part of their wedding receptions for a variety of reasons.
One reason food trucks have become so popular is because they are incredibly affordable, but have a fun vibe to go along with many different wedding themes. Another reason reception food trucks are trending is the simplicity of the whole process! From booking to serving, a food truck is a wonderful way to steer away from traditional vendors.
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The possibilities of the type of truck to rent are endless. From burgers to asian cuisine, from tacos to hawaiian cuisine, from cupcakes to ice cream… the many options to choose from will give you the opportunity to customize completely to your liking. Choose one or choose many… the variety is so much fun!
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Whether indoors or outdoors, food trucks can be used for the main course, a late-night snack, or both! Still want to offer seated tables? That can happen with food trucks, but they are much more budget-friendly than traditional catering. For a more laid-back approach, walk-up service is a great option to create a festival-style reception. Many dessert options are available to be served from food trucks, and your guests can choose to treat themselves before, during, and after they are dancing the night away!


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