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Food Trucks at Wedding Receptions

Whether indoors or outdoors, food trucks for your wedding reception provide endless possibilities. If the feel of your big day is more modern and you are looking to throw in details that allude to that atmosphere, having a food truck of any sort is an exciting option! If you’re hoping for more of a traditional feel, a food truck meal can still be seated and plated elegantly. There are so many ways to incorporate a food truck of any kind into your big day!
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Food trucks have such variety that will allow for you to pick and choose the parts you love and want to include for your wedding day. They are affordable and very budget-friendly, which is always nice to consider. They have the ability to serve from a walk-up window or can serve in a more traditional, plated and seated fashion. And, they give off a festive feel to a festive event, which will be a fun addition for all those attending.
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The best part about food trucks is that they are not limited to a main course. You may be interested in hosting one for both a main course and a dessert, or just a dessert alone to switch it up a little. This is a phenomenal option for any bride or groom looking to have an alternative or secondary dessert at their wedding reception. Consider a dessert truck like Spotz Gelato. Spotz’s decadent Kentucky Proud gelato is a perfect dessert that will ensure a sweet ending to your beautiful day!
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