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Weddings have changed over the years and personally, we think it is for the better! Moving toward a less traditional feel, weddings are now serving all types of food, dessert, and offering much more for their guests to do while celebrating the new couple. 
    Having a sweet midnight snack is a wonderful addition to your big day, as guests will be looking forward to a snack before, during, and after they hit the dance floor! Serving a special snack for your guests will ensure a few things:
  1. Guests of all ages will be content! Some people enjoy socializing at weddings, some enjoy dancing, but all enjoy the food! Serve a snack and your guests, old and young, will be happy.
  2. Snacks give guests something to do! Weddings have many parts, and there are parts that you want to be memorable for you and your special someone. Your guests are sometimes kept waiting, so having a special treat will keep them entertained during downtimes!
  3. They will keep guests around longer! Guests will want to stay for the whole event if they are kept busy, entertained, and fed. 
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From popcorn bars, pizza delivery, cookie towers, and more, gelato is just another option to serve as a midnight snack on your big day. After all, something sweet and something savory is really a request by all who are attending! Serving a sweet treat, like Spotz Gelato, will keep your guests happy, full, and fully entertained!
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