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Have you ever wondered why food trucks are becoming more and more popular at weddings and other main events? The ‘street food’ outlets on wheels have become trendy, more affordable, and add a cool flare to the wedding occasion. With food truck rental on the rise for all occasions, we have three main reasons why hosting a dessert truck at your wedding may be a great option for your big day!
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Whether you are leaning toward a more elegant and formal wedding or a casual ambiance, food trucks are a very affordable way to serve your guests. Having guests grab their food from a truck serving window has ease and is quite an affordable way to feed your wedding guests, while still giving them options. Some brides and grooms choose to stick with a sit-down dinner and food trucks can be a great affordable option for this more formal type of dinner as well. 
Food trucks bring such a unique feel to your big day! Most trucks can serve indoors or outdoors and can bring a whimsical feel to your wedding. The traditional wedding has been phasing out over the years, and many are opting for a uniqueness that will set them apart from the average wedding. Bringing a food truck is a sure way to do this, while serving your guests everyone’s favorite… food!


Lastly, food trucks can be much more than a dinner serving service. Food trucks, with their flexible serving schedules, can be brought in to your special day as an early cocktail hour type serve time or a late night snack rather than a dinner option. Having an early or late night sweet treat, like gelato, is a fabulous way to keep your guests at the party and enjoying themselves while you and our wedding party are participating in other necessary activities of your big day!
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