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Desserts for your Wedding

Are you feeling inspired to do something a little different for your big day, but you still want something sweet and scrumptious? Don’t be afraid to think outside the cake! Whether you just want to offer some variety during your reception or cake just isn’t your thing, there are plenty of dessert ideas to try instead.
Do you and your love have a special connection to some specific dessert, like donuts or ice cream? Maybe rather than cake, your tradition is eating pie! These dessert ideas are just one more way to personalize your wedding day!
  1. Pies of Every Size. Who doesn’t like a slice of pie? This is a fun one to add lots of variety with. Between fruity options, rich chocolatey options, and miniature or regular sized pies, the fun continues when you are serving this yummy option.
  2. Donuts for Days. Donuts are a crowd pleaser at all hours of the day! You again can have a ton of variety and they are also incredibly fun to display!
  3. Cake Pops That Don’t Drop. We love a mess free option for an elegant and special day. These are also a fun option because guests can try 2 or 3 flavors and only feel like they have had a smaller portion each time!
  4. Cannolis or Churros to Have and to Hold. Unique, yes! Delicious, yes! These little handheld dessert ideas are sure to win everyone over.
  5. Ice cream or Gelato as Cool as Can Be. Ice cream or gelato is a dessert that guests of all ages enjoy, plus it’s budget-friendly and especially appetizing during warmer months. Offering a topping bar with your favorite add-ons will be a sweet treat your guests will love!
While each of these is a wonderful alternative to the original wedding cake concept, a dessert truck like Spotz Gelato is a whimsical and crowd-pleasing option for all to enjoy! No matter what, breaking some tradition and choosing what fits best for you as a couple is what we fully support. So many great options to choose from when it comes to giving your big day some fun flair!
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