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Why Have a Dessert Truck at Your Wedding

Your big day is in the works and planning has commenced! The details are many and the decisions you have to make can be daunting. While some prefer to go the more traditional route, many are opting for a modern look and feel to their wedding.
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Many brides are opting for an alternative to traditional cake and catered food! Why should you choose an alternative dessert, like a dessert food truck, for your wedding guests?
  1. Guests are always excited by the idea of a food truck! Guests love the feel of a festival type vibe. Food trucks bring out a social atmosphere and the sheer sight of one makes guests feel like there is a party going on! 
  2. Guests love the ability to get their dessert whenever they please throughout an evening. By having a dessert truck set up, your guests can easily munch on dessert before dinner-we’re certainly in favor of dessert before dinner! Guests can grab a sweet treat when they need a break from the dance floor, or of course, they can indulge in dessert as a late night snack.
  3. Guests love a variety of flavors to choose from and they also enjoy a cold treat that can cool them down. Considering many weddings are during the warm seasons and at outside venues, gelato can be a perfect treat. 
  4. Guests of all ages will enjoy a dessert food truck, like gelato! From Grandma and Grandpa and Great Uncle Joe, to your college buddies and to your small little flower girl and ring bearer, everyone is sure to love a sweet, cold treat like Spotz Gelato!
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When making your wedding decisions, you will want to consider how you plan to serve your guests. Your guests will be looking forward to a memorable evening and having a unique scene is one way to ensure that will happen. Whether you and your partner are leaning toward a more traditional wedding reception or toward a more modern reception, hosting a dessert food truck, like Spotz Gelato, will be sure to satisfy every guests’ sweet tooth all through the night!
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