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Exterior Progress - Installing the New Graphics

Last week we shared how we removed the old stripes from the exterior of the Spotzmobile. This week we are so excited to show you the final plan for the exterior.

The Spotzmobile, our Fifth-Wheel, is a 2008 Keystone Copper Canyon that we have owned for a couple years. It measures 34 feet and has a couple bedrooms with a den, kitchen and bathroom. It has two slides.

The exterior is solid white fiberglass, but had a lot of brown, black and gold stickers and graphics affixed to it. Over time, some of those stripes had become loose and cracked from sun exposure. Some stripes were still in good shape, but those that were damaged really made the exterior look kind of bad. Big Daddy couldn't stand it and decided to go to work. Here's a reminder of what we started with:

Once we removed all the old stripes, we were left with a very plain, solid white canvas. This is how it looked:

In true Spotz fashion, we couldn't stand to leave it white. That would be much too ordinary and just no fun at all. We called on our friends at Here's Your Sign in Georgetown, Kentucky to print some large vinyl pieces of our logos and website. Once they were printed, Richard from Here's Your Sign came over and did the install. It was a big job and took him a little while to get everything installed. Here's a time lapse video of his progress. What a pro! We couldn't have made it happen without his help.

Here's some pics:

We couldn't be more thrilled with how this first phase of the graphics turned out and we were so eager to get the second phase in the works. Beth went to work with her "spotting" expertise and transformed it into the perfect Spotzmobile.

What do you think? Is she Spotz worthy, now? We think so and can't wait to take her out for a spin.

Next comes more on the inside..... interior painting is next. Stay tuned for next week's update as we start to put things back together inside.

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Jim Smith
Jim Smith
Apr 01, 2021

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