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Interior Progress - Kitchen Countertops and Fixtures

Last week we shared the start of our interior finishes inside the Spotzmobile. This week we want show you more of the inside work that is happening!

The Spotzmobile, our Fifth-Wheel, is a 2008 Keystone Copper Canyon that we have owned for a couple years. It measures 34 feet and has a couple bedrooms with a den, kitchen and bathroom. It has two slides.

Last week, we told you all about our new bathroom vanity and the fireplace in the den. We LOVE the fireplace... don't you??

Next up this week we installed the new kitchen counter and the stove. Here's a reminder of what we started with in the kitchen. Lots of brown! It had oak cabinets, a speckled brown laminate counter and a beige plastic sink.

You will remember that we decided to paint all the existing cabinets white and add new hardware. We chose a solid butcherblock top from Lowe's for the kitchen. It was unfinished and sized for an island, so the depth was larger than a typical kitchen counter. This allowed us to use one piece for the large area around the sink and not have to piece it.

First, we cut the large piece of butcherblock into three pieces. One was used for the sink. The second piece was used on the other side of the stove and the third piece was used as a prep area to the left of the sink with a folding counter extension. We marked the hole for our sink and drilled a starter hole with our drill. Next we cut the sink hole out with a jigsaw. We used blue painter's tape around the edges so the saw didn't mark up the butcherblock.

Next, we used a hand sander to smooth out the cut edges and also lightly sand the top of the counter. Our butcherblock was pretty smooth the start with, so we didn't have to sand much on the top. Here's a video showing the entire process:

After we sanded everything, we installed the pieces in the RV by using L brackets to attach them to the cabinets. For our counter extension, we attached fold down hinges so the prep area can be folded down when not in use.

For the finish, we coated the counters with Mineral Oil using an old towel. We applied four coats of oil that darkened the butcherblock slightly and made them waterproof. This was really simple and cheap to do. We will re-oil them as needed every few months.

Once the countertop was oiled, we installed the new sink and faucet. We chose a round stainless steel sink from Ikea and paired it with a black matte spray fixture that we purchased from Amazon. We love how it all turned out.

And how about this Before and After shot? What a huge difference, right?!

Can't wait until next week to show you the rest of the changes happening inside the coach. We are so excited about the furniture and curtains! Until then, here's a sneak peek....


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