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Interior Progress - Flooring

Last week we shared our Exterior progress on the Spotzmobile. This week we want show you more of the inside fun that is happening!

The Spotzmobile, our Fifth-Wheel, is a 2008 Keystone Copper Canyon that we have owned for a couple years. It measures 34 feet and has a couple bedrooms with a den, kitchen and bathroom. It has two slides.

During our last interior update, here's where we left off. We had finished all the painting, tile work, wallpaper and lighting.

Next up.... The floors.... 248 square feet of headaches, head scratching and sore backs!

We chose a peel and stick Stainmaster brand Luxury Vinyl Plank from Lowe's. The color is Chateau. If you have never used LVP, it is a great product for some applications and is really easy to work with. We chose the peel and stick type due to the thickness of the product. We need something fairly thin but really durable so that the slides would still slide in correctly and wouldn't damage the new flooring. Even though the tiles were peel and stick, we sprayed each one with adhesive before we installed them just to be sure nothing moved while we went down the road. Here's what we used:

There was a lot of room for error during the floor installation around the slides. Remember, the two slides slide in and out on top of the main floor of the coach. When the slides are closed, the slide areas are sitting on top of the main floors inside the RV. However when they are extended, just the very edge of the slide floor overlaps the main floor of the coach. We had to extend the main floor tiles a little bit underneath the edge of the slide floor to prevent them from "rolling up" when the slides slide in and out. To add to the fun, the front edge of the each slide subfloor board is cut at an angle to even out the transition from coach floor to slide floor. We had to make sure the tiles on the edge of the slides attached really well. All these moving parts and problems made for tons of pre-planning before we ever laid a single tile. Here's a video of the slides going in and out that hopefully helps you visualize the unique challenges the slides presented:

Our main difficulty with the floor installation was that every single area in the coach is such a small space and the majority of the tiles required at least some cutting. There were very few areas that we could lay multiple tiles in one run. Luckily, you can cut these tiles with a utility knife and snap them apart by hand. The cutting wasn't too difficult just very time consuming... all while crawling and scooching around on the floor. (Side note.... we may be getting too old for all these crazy projects. I am not nearly as good at crawling around as I used to be. Lots of Aleve has been consumed this week at our house!)

Enough about the perils of aging.... Want to see how it turned out?!

Once the quarter round, baseboard and stair trim was added, the flooring was complete! We are thrilled with the results.

Next up.... more interior finishes. Wonder what Big Daddy has planned for this spot? Stay tuned next week!

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