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RV Renovations - Before Pics

Our Fifth-Wheel is a 2008 Keystone Copper Canyon that we have owned for a couple years. It is 34 feet long and has a couple bedrooms with a den, kitchen and bathroom. It is a typical camping trailer for its age with lots of brown, heavy upholstery and lots of wallpaper. It needs some updating.

Most of the stripes on the exterior have cracked and faded. Big Daddy is in the process of removing all them and cleaning up the exterior. He also replacing all the seals to keep it waterproof. Once he has everything removed, he has new graphics to install on the outside.... can't wait to see it!

Several of the roof vent covers needed replacing due to their age. We were able to order each of them on Amazon and Big Daddy made quick work of getting them installed.

Inside is another sort of mess. Everything is very dark wood and lots of brown upholstery. The wallpaper is dark too and makes the inside feel very cave-like. We have plans for a total reno with new floors, lots of white paint and new furniture. Here's a quick video tour:

Here are some before pics:

Right now Big Daddy is doing lots of demo inside the trailer. He has removed the old sofa and dinette in the main room and has started removing the old carpet and linoleum. In the back bedroom, he has removed some of the beds to make way for an office. He is removing the existing carpet in this room, too. Here's a peek at how he removes the carpet:

Next up... finish up the removal of all the flooring and painting prep. The RV will be picture perfect in no time!


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