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We Have a Tour Name! - SPOTZ'S SWEET SAFARI

Last week, we hosted a contest on our social channels so our friends and fans could help us name our upcoming cross country tour of the US. The winning name is "Spotz's Sweet Safari". It's perfect, right? Our friend @mrsfrommy on Instagram came up with the name and won Free Gelato for a Year for her creativity.

Since we checked in last, we have nailed down our route. We are headed from Kentucky to Kansas and then down to Oklahoma City. There we will hop on Route 66 and follow that all the way to California, with a slight detour into southern Utah if the weather permits. Once we get to California, we will check out several National Parks on our way to San Francisco. We will travel down the coast on the PCH and hit I-10 in Los Angeles to start our trip back across the US. The trip is close to 9,000 miles and covers at least 12 states.

On our way, we will be visiting lots of tourist attractions, national parks and quirky stops in the road. We plan to stay in some campgrounds, but will also be guests at vineyards, breweries and small businesses across the country. We can't wait to meet lots of new friends during our travels.

Throughout our trip, we will be visiting lots of gelato and ice cream shops. We will get to know the sweetest folks around the country and will be hopping in their shops and kitchens to pitch in for the day. We can't wait to hear their stories about how they got started and what makes their ice cream special! Follow along here on our Blog and also on our social channels and Youtube.

Do you have any stops we shouldn't miss? Any RV Travel tips to share? Any ice cream you can't wait for us to try? Drop a comment below.

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